Software Solutions / Modules

Advantages of a software solution over manual solutions are:

  • Common language / expressions

  • Simplified claiming data / information

  • Compliance checks run automatically

  • Automatic information processing (reporting)

OBSERVAR is modular – you only buy what you need and expand as needed



OBSERVAR Software (2 to 30 Modules)

  • Parameterizable standard software which was developed to gather knowledge, information and topical states for analyzing.
  • Worldwide Intranet and/or Internet access.
  • Web data base with one master module and optional number of other modules.
  • User-friendly entrance by means of a registration for all modules.
  • Extremely productive thanks to years of work on the enhancement of the methods and software.


The effort needed for one employee to enter 10 Feedbacks monthly will be of only 15 minutes

For more information about the individual modules OBSERVAR modules