Peter Nauer  CEO


Mr. Nauer was responsible of the area of Enterprise Risk Management services (ERM), at KPMG Switzerland between 1997 and 2004. Over the last decade he has pioneered consultancy on “Control and Risk Self Assessments” (CRSA) in Europe, conducting risk management projects for a variety of customers in various industries and countries.

During the course of his work Mr. Nauer has developed a holistic methodology for identifying and assessing the best opportunities and risks of an undertaking (EROM), leading him to the designed, implementation and development of the “OBSERVAR” software tool which allows a Group-wide approach, through uniform procedures and evaluations, to the Consolidation of Opportunities and Risks.


Hermann Bissig
Data protection officer Observar Ltd.

Hermann Bissig

Has been in various financial functions at the family office and the holding company of a large international family business over the last 25 years.

During his professional career he has gained extensive experience in the field of financial reporting (in general and according to IFRS), in dealing with auditors as well as in corporate assurance issues.

Particularly in the last couple of years topics like governance, risk and compliance became more and more important in his role towards audit & risk committees.

Hermann Bissig holds a Master in business administration of University St. Gall and is a Swiss chartered accountant.

Nina Kaufmann
Representative for Austria

Nina Kaufmann-Frank

Holds a Master degree in Economy and Trade.

After 10 years of Consultancy for medium-sized companies and in the International Aviation industry she has been Group Risk Manager at Böhler Uddeholm AG for 7 years. There she was responsible for the concept and implementation of a groupwide risk and opportunity management in over 65 subsidiaries on 5 continents.

Since 2012 independent consultant and coach in Enterprisewide Risk and Opportunity Management for International Groups and medium-sized companies as well as for  (Supervisory) Board Members and Management


“OBSERVAR convinces me because of the implementation of the hottest corporate topics and processes, which have eventually to be structured, organized and implemented by the employees. OBSERVAR reliefs companies and employees from complex work tasks so that they can focus their valuable time on the core business of the company. OBSERVAR considers the client as partner and takes feedback as impetus for continuous further development. Thus, the software is always state-of-the-art and on the pulse .”


The development of the OBSERVAR AG software tools is performed in cooperation with third party IT Consultants and GRC and Risk Management Specialists as Auditors.

With the MBO April 1, 2004 Peter Nauer acquired all rights to the OBSERVAR tool as well as permission to officially use the previous projects as references.