EGRC / MIS Modules

EGRC is about documented decisions of corporate management to achieve a set of goals and the documented implementation of the decisions.

For this purpose, a company needs transparency about:

  • the risks and opportunities (and objectives)

  • the essential measures, systems and processes and their effectiveness

  • the compliance or non-compliance with these measures and other policies

  • This of all significant organizational units

  • and as precisely as necessary – and timely available!

OBSERVAR Software is designed to achieve all EGRC objectives, in a structured and transparent way, can be successfully implemented in a short time achieving a high employee acceptance.


Holistic approach to good steering and control of the entire organization.

Availability of critical management information:

  • Sufficiently complete
  • Accurate and current

to enable appropriate decision making.

Risk Management

Manage uncertainty of the Business future. Uncertainty presents both risks and opportunities.

  • Identify and Assess risks and opportunities.
  • Prioritise and manage risks and opportunities.
  • Reduce surprises and losses by proactive actions.

Internal Control System

Monitoring subsystem which provides assurance that adequate controls are on place in terms of:

  • Effectiveness and efficiency in business operations
  • Reliability of financial reporting
  • Compliance with laws and regulations


Conforming with stated requirements as defined in laws, regulations, contracts, strategies and policies.

  • Assess current state of compliance.
  • Assess the risks and potential costs of non-compliance.
  • Respond with necessary corrective actions.
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Custom Solutions

Thanks to the modular design, you only buy the solutions you really need and add as many as required.

The OBSERVAR modules are continually further developed in cooperation with our customers.

Take advantage of the best Opportunities and reduce the greatest Risks.

By using our comprehensive opportunity and risk catalog, we make sure that both the internal and the external factors are taken into account for your company. Through the moderated tool-supported approach you discover what you have not yet thought of. Identify and analyze with OBSERVAR the main opportunities and risks. The unique approach of our tool with supported prioritization and moderation allows to unify the information through out top management on the current situation, and on the significant improvement potentials for the organisation.

Identify the main risks and opportunities for your business!


Range of available modules






You decide which areas you want to cover first. The software can be expanded at any time, adapting to your needs.

We are at your disposal for Questions, please reach us via phone or email. Contact

Efficient Procedures


With OBSERVAR you get in a very short timeframe meaningful customized documentation on your requirements, so that you are up to date concerning projects, procedures, opportunities and risks.

E-mail Notifications

Completely customizable automatic email alerts will keep you up to date.


Let us invite you to a live demonstration on how to use the tools and methods of OBSERVAR and how profitable they can be for your company. The installation of software on your PC is not required. All you need is an internet connection and a telephone. Based on real customer examples the benefits for your company are demosntrated and key questions answered. Sign up with us and ask for a non-binding online presentation. We will be pleased to have an appointment with you so you can check the slim and practical procedure that leads to an excellent cost-benefit ratio. We are the benchmark for a risk assessment according to OR 663, or for a comprehensive system based on the international COSO ERM framework – whether you have 100 employees or 100,000 employees. Thanks to our more than 10 years of practical experience we have been able to achieve a very high degree of automation and user-friendliness, allowing an extremely lean implementation experience.

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Success is the sum of the right decisions! The use of OBSERVAR unique tools and methods provides business a lasting success and opens new perspectives on the greatest opportunities and risks – so you can be sure that in the future your employees and investments are optimally placed.
Comprehensive advice – With our long-standing experience and expertise, and the OBSERVAR software we will support you in the development and expansion of an optimal environment and methodology for you EGRC management.


Corporate Governance

Principles of corporate governance to direct and control the regulatory framework of the entire organization. Critical management information must be sufficient, complete, accurate and timely available to enable appropriate management decisions. The control mechanisms are required to ensure that the policies, rules / instructions are systematically and effectively carried out.

Our consulting services: Together we will work out the best strategy and methodology for your company.

Risk Management

Every business is subject to risks and opportunities that challenge to management is to determine and decide how much uncertainty are accepted. Uncertainties may be risks and opportunities. Enterprise risk management enables management to effectively deal with uncertainties and the risks and opportunities related to deal with:

  • Identification, analysis and management of risks, including multiple and cross-enterprise risks.
  • Less negative surprises and losses.
  • Proactive implementation of the opportunities and possibilities.

Our consulting services: implementation of governance, risk and C compliance assessments for the opportunities and risks evaluation and rating.

Internal Control System

Provides current real time data from the ongoing operation via

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of Processes
  • Accurate and current financial reporting
  • Observance of applicable laws and regulations (compliance)
  • Detection of irregularities, errors

Our consulting services: Comprehensive ICS process catalog with 160 process steps


Compliance with specified requirements

  • Legal obligations, regulations and guidelines
  • Monitor and review the current status of compliance
  • Assess the potential costs of not meeting compliance

Our consulting services: Benefit from our years of experience!


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