OBSERVAR AG, has its own self-developed software tools to perform opportunity and risk assessments and implement comprehensive systems (eg according to COSO ERM).

Optimizing existing solutions
Review of existing risk management systems, existing risk catalogs, risk assessments and assessment methods.

Solutions to ensure the sustainability success of your business
Identification and use of the most important Opportunities of your business.
Identification and reduction of the greatest Risks of your business.
Efficient SWOT analysis and balanced scorecard solutions.
Training for Opportunity and Risk Awareness.
Training for Opportunities and Risk Management (eg COSO ERM).
Efficiency increase by reducing permanent overloads of employees, reduction of errors, damage and conflicts.

Internal Audit
Risk based audit plans for the internal audit department.
Implementation of Risk oriented internal audits.

OBSERVAR software is continually evolving in order to cover the changing demands and needs of the market and business, this is performed together with our customers and consultants.

We will work with you to find the optimal individual service package for your needs. Contact us for a free consultation.